Thursday, August 26, 2010

Zumba Once...YAY, Zumba Twice...Umm...Zumba Three Times...

This week I have embarked on a new adventure...ZUMBA.  In case you don't know what Zumba is a combination between aerobics and salsa dancing. Since I've never been good at either of those, I decided I would jump in (or dance in) feet first and see how it went.

The first night my friend and I laughed the entire time. We found it to be quite entertaining, and though I was sweating like nothing else, I was having fun. I don't think my hips have ever tried to move that fast.  It was all this hip, feet, and arm motion AND it was hilarious.  Sooo...we decided to go back.  Tonight was round two...and for some reason it wasn't as fun.  There was still hip action and feet action, but I couldn't keep a beat to save my life. I kept thinking: "I'm about to either twist my knee on this non-slick gym floor, or I'm going to throw a hip or shoulder out." :) :)  So, after our two tries at Zumba, my friend and I have decided that walking, basic and boring as it is, might be more our style.

So for all of you Zumba lovers out there...Amanda Walker DID try. AND she realized that she is a Baptist, white, non-rhythmic, gal who just isn't cool enough for Latin aerobics :) :)  Glad I figured it out before I threw that hip...

Thursday, August 19, 2010

On the Road Again...

Well...we are off on another adventure this weekend.  As I type, Chris and I are in the car headed to Dallas for a Walker family getaway! (Only one missing will be Cara Beth and Brent...we will miss them!!)  Craig, Chris' brother, turned 30 this week, and this was supposed to be a surprise for him...all the family meeting in Dallas. But he, like all the Walker men, is quite intelligent and figured it out.  The guys (minus Landon...the 6 week old) are going to play golf Saturday, and the gals are going to go shopping.  I'm not a big shopper, so I hope my job is making sure Landon is having fun :)  I can do the baby watching thing :) :)  But ya never know...I may just do a little shopping...

One great thing about Dallas is the incredible restaurants. Louisiana has some amazing food, but it has horrible Mexican food. I'm just excited to eat some good 'ol Mexican food...yummm!!!  So...we're on the road again!!

Craig and Landon

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Classes, Cowtown, and a Wedding

This has been one whirlwind of a week, but most of our weeks are like that. Amanda is in her second year of doctorate work, so this week was the infamous week in Ft. Worth, Texas for classes. The fun part was that Chris got to come along and keep me company when class was over. He has several friends in the Metroplex, so he stayed pretty busy during the day...visiting friends, moving furniture in 106 degree weather, and then waiting for me to get out of class. Since our vacation was technically the first two weeks in January for our Honeymoon to Hawaii, we considered this a sort of vacation week...minus the classes, schoolwork in the evenings, and the mental brain exhaustion at the end of the day.  (Side Note: Hawaii was beautiful, but be careful NOT to spend all your vacation time the first month of the year! Makes for a very long year :) ) was good to be around friends this week, and have the challenge that comes along with classes.

We also had a wedding in family. Cari Ritchie (Chris' cousin) was married this evening to a great guy named Jake.  We had a blast hanging out with the Walker/Ritchie bunch and it was just good to be together. It's crazy that we live only 45 minutes down the road, and we still do not get to see them. His family is a pretty big family, and they are quite precious.

Blessings to Cari and Jake as they begin new life are in for the ride of your life! Enjoy every moment!!!

Enjoy some pics from the week...

An amazing little restaurant in Grapevine.

 The precious couple: Jake and Cari

The Ritchie Family (Lacy, Jena, Cari and Jerry)

Amanda watching Jerry line dance at the rehearsal dinner :)