Monday, March 14, 2011

The Top 10 of Pregnancy

We have a friend, Angie Lechner, who has a monthly post on the tenth of each month.  She calls it the 10 on the 10th.  Well…it’s not the tenth of the month, but I thought I would share the 10 most random (or not so random) and wonderful moments of my pregnancy.

10.  Spending the first half of my pregnancy in another country.

9.  Losing the ability to use your stomach muscles, so you twist and wobble trying to get off the couch.

8.  Reaching a point where it is difficult (and some days impossible) to shave your legs and breathe.

7.  Breaking out like a teenager. I haven’t had this many zits since I was in Jr. High.

6.  Putting a child who has her father’s legs into her mother’s body.  Just for a reference point…I’m 5’2” and Chris is 6’5”.  Makaylan has quickly run out of room.

5.  Hearing Makaylan’s heartbeat for the first time knowing that this is your child.

4.  Having our 28 week sonogram and watching her suck her thumb, stick her hands and feet in her mouth, and seeing that beautiful face.

3.  Listening to Chris talk to her every night, and then literally watching and feeling her move towards his voice.  He sings to her, talks to her, teaches her math facts and best of all, prays over her.

2.  Feeling her react to the outside environment.  She squirms and jumps when she hears loud noises; she doesn’t like spicy food; she loves when I stretch out (see #6); and she “pushes” my hand out of the way when she wants HER spot.

1.  Knowing that in 8 weeks or less we will be holding our precious little girl and have the awesome challenge and opportunity of raising a godly woman.  We can’t wait to get our hands on her and give her the love she deserves.  We pray God will receive glory through our family.

This is the latest picture of Makaylan (28 weeks)