Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Crazy Life...

YES, we do realize that it has been well over a month since we have updated our blog. Life has been a bit crazy for us, but that seems to be normal for the Walker family.  Since we last wrote we came back to America for the holidays, we went to Ft. Worth for Amanda's doctorate seminars in Ft. Worth, we were advised to stay in the States due to some minor pregnancy issues, Chris contracted pneumonia, we celebrated our 1 year anniversary, we found out we are having a girl (Makaylan Joy), we have gone back and forth between Minden and Ruston living with our parents, AND we have begun the long process of getting physically ready for Makaylan to enter the world.  So...needless to say...the blog was one of the last things on our "to do" list. :) :)

God continues to remind us how little we are in control of our life, and I think we are beginning to learn to let go and allow HIM total access to our life.  This first year of marriage certainly isn't how I always thought my first year of marriage would be (married, honeymoon, get pregnant, move to Africa, move back to the States), BUT I wouldn't change one second of it.  Chris and I have learned things about each other and things about our God that we would never have learned without the journey HE has taken us on this year.  We have enjoyed every second of the ride and SO look forward to what HE has for us this year.  We definitely know that parenthood is in the plans, but even with that, it is still a mystery.  I love how God has taken us all the way around the world and back again to show us how to love, depend on, trust, and revel in each moment together. I love how HE has drawn us to Himself and consequently to each other through every change.  God is good, and we are blessed!!

Here are some pics from our time at home:

We arrived back in the States a few days before Christmas - tired, but excited to see our family!

Christmas 2010

Makaylan received TONS of gifts

Makaylan Joy Walker